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  CBS    wusa 9 News Sunday at 630pm  

    March 2, 2014
    6:30 - 7:01pm EST  

make your last-minute preparations as the storm is approaching. the search for assault that might be out of luck on the bike calls to pull out. russia's president remains defiant. hello i'm bruce leshan, thank you for -- bruce johnson, thank you for joining us. and snow is on the way this evening, stacking up to be a real mess for the monday morning commute. and tomorrow others are expected to cancel later tonight. and no word from the federal and local government at this point. we're going to head outside in a moment to check on conditions with the teams out there.
but first let's begin with chief meteorologist topper shutt. >> all right bruce, the bull's eye of the storm is a little bit south of town, but it will be a major storm as colder air moves in and the rain changes to sleet and the sleet changes to snow before dawn. how much is going to fall? here is the latest map. >> all right, yeah, we will get right to it and your eye is drawn to the 8 to 12 inch. even some higher amounts in places like fredericksburg extending into orange county and close to culpeper and southern maryland. basically all of charles county, most of st. mary's county included in that as well. once you get to the belt way, we are talking about the six to eight-inch range and montgomery county, loudon county both maryland and virginia, four to six inches out of this system. the reason that the higher amounts will be further to the south is because that is where you will see the bulk of the moisture with the system, but
all of us are under a winter storm warning until 6:00 p.m. on monday. this is a current look at doppler 9000. some rain falling. basically along i-95 into the northern neck of virginia and southern maryland and some light showers through the beltway, but the bulk of the moisture is still waiting in the wings, hundreds of miles away, but quickly racing towards us. the other feature you can see on the view is the arctic front and topper is in with a look at the temperatures. >> yes, they are beginning to fall quickly now. we'll talk about the storm line too as i want to emphasize this for you. right now we have rain until midnight and we're talking about the metro area. sleet, midnight to about 4:00 a.m. if you're up in hagerstown, it will turn quicker. a general four to five inches. bull's eye once again, you saw that posted on our website as we tweeted it out. look at the arctic air.
it's why we were so concerned about the system. they are under a winter storm watch too. colder air will begin to move in and everything turns to sleet before midnight. temperatures are 36 in damascus. still 42 downtown and still 40 in oldtown as we will come back, outline more snowfall accumulations and talk about extremely cold air behind the system. he is at the salt dome of alexandria where crews are gearing up. hank, what are they preparing for us? >> they are preparing for both as hundreds of trucks are lining up here all afternoon. about 4,000 of them, serving northern virginia as they have 17,000 miles of the road lanes to cover overnight into tomorrow morning. so far they have spent about $126 million to clean this up, more than what they have spent, double last year. anyway the structures have been lining up, putting salt and sand. one of the problems is that they can't put the salt and
sand on the roads too quickly as we have rain and they will wash it away as they will need to wait until they do. now there are some things that you can do in preparation for your own digout tomorrow morning with your own car and your own driveway. first of all, it is best to bang your car into a driveway if you have not done it already so you are facing out. that will make it easier for you to see as you can get out in the morning. the other thing you want to do is to get your car off the street as a lot of the cars will be under the emergency snow watches and they will tow you or you will get in the way of the snowplow which is great. the final thing that you can do is to help me a little bit here. go to your car. many of the new cars have the windshield wipers that will fold out. you bring them out. what they do, it keeps it away from the ice and the snow and it will be easier for you to scrape out in the morning and you won't have to worry. reporting live, wusa9. back to you. >> got it. pull the windshield wiper out. thank you so much, hank.
the district of columbia and montgomery county both declared snow emergency that will go into effect at midnight tonight. the district starts at 7:00 on monday morning. now u you know where it all means. cars parked cars emergency routes will be ticketed and towed. look for the snow emergency signs, you're going to find them on most of the major streets. right now let's go outside live in rockville, maryland. this is quite a bit of a different storm than last time because we have a lot of wet rains on the road and it has started to rain within the past few minutes here in montgomery county that they can't go out and treat the roads right now as the crews are resting, getting ready for what's headed our way starting tonight. now a few things i want to tell
you about tonight if you live in montgomery county, crews won't come in here being activated at midnight as the snow emergency goes into effect then. that means if you're a part of the snow route that you have got to move your car because you will be towed and you will be ticketed. now in turn the county has opened up several garages and parking lots for you to park your car there for free. a list of those online. they are also opening up their call centers tonight starting at 10:00. they will stay open all night tonight and tomorrow as long as they are needed. but again nothing is going on here right now because they arei ready for tomorrow and for when they are needed the most. if your car is parked out here, please move it as soon as possible as we are live, bruce, back to you. >> all right, thank you so t much, but that has more information that you're going to need as metro is reducing service because of the storm. and the buses, they will continue to operate this evening and tonight. but all the bus services will be suspended as of 7:00 monday morning. the metro axis service is also
suspended on monday. as of now, metro rail, metro rail service, they will operate on a normal schedule throughout monday. and amtrak will operate on a modified snow schedule tomorrow in the northeast corridor. passengers should expect trains to run less frequently. those are metro's word as you might want to check before heading out in the morning. now how about getting it out of your driveway. it seems like just about everywhere that people and businesses have run out of the stuff as suchn goes on the hunt today. >> here we go as we are off to find some deicing material or any type of ice melt. all right. and so let's go. we leave broadcast house and head to the local hardware store. >> we are here at the hardware store in bethesda. let's see what they've got
going on. >> we are out of the ice melts until the morning. until this is a nitrogen-base fertilizer. a lot of people here today, they melt things down to 26 degrees. >> thank you for calling, how may i direct your call? >> reporter: if they are not coming in to the store, they are calling in for ice melt. >> we won't, but whether be getting the shipments tomorrow. >> no luck here, but there are some at the store in gaithersburg as we will be headed that way. >> reporter: we make the 20- minute drive north. >> we arrived here in gaithersburg, pretty interesting as we will see what they have. >> all right. >> and so i hear that there will be some kind of an ice melt available at your store? >> yes, we have salt available, which can be used as a substitute for the ice melt. >> reporter: pharmacies and grocery stores are out. in northwest, surae chinn, wusa9. >> and stay with wusa9 because we're ready for the coming storm as you can join chief meteorologist topper shutt and
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we've got demonstrations here tonight as they appear to be on the brink of war. a big rally held outside the white house this afternoon as they now believe that they would have complete control of the pro russian area of ukraine. tonight the secretary will travel with them on tuesday. >> reporter: the troops with no markings surrounded the naval base. the soldiers spoke russians and drove with their plates, demanding that hay disarm, but no shots were fired. the new government is bracing for war. it will be an inspiration.
>> reporter: but now thousands of them fill the streets. one sign reads putin hands off ukraine. the united states is demanding that moscow pull back their army. the secretary of the state says that they are fully on board. >> all of them, every single one of them, they are prepared to go to the hills in order to isolate russia with respect to this invasion. u.s. and their allies are prepared to boycott the summit if they continue down their path to war. for cbs news, new york. >> we are keeping a close eye >> we are keeping a close eye this is a map of the pressure points on my feet. i have flat feet. i learned where the stress was at the dr.scholl's foot mapping center.
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hi there i'm erica grow eric. we'll get to the snow maps again as it will be a significant snowfall for anyone in the metro, but for some of and everywhere ippling. inch
in between. most of southern maryland is getting a big snowfall out of this system down into orange county, staffers, you're going to see big numbers on out of the system. six to eight in manassas in the southern portions of the beltway and places like suitland you'll see six to eight inches. four to six for most of the northern half of the beltway and all the way up to the pennsylvania border. hagerstown, frederick, winchester, four to six inches out of the system. on doppler 9000, this is a three-hour loop as we're getting a break after the evening rain that you have and now you have the next round on the way as you can see it starting to approach with much colder temperatures in tow. with a look at the timeline, i'll send it over to topper. >> all right, thank you. it is a two-prong storm that is giving us the rain and the second one is what we're worried about tonight. a spring like day on sunday and
then the next chance of snow could be on thursday believe it or not. biggest march storms, we thought this was interesting on march 29, 1942. these are downtown. 1909, almost 10 inches. march 9 in 1999, 8.4. the 7th, 8 inches. march 15, only eight inches. notice in 1993 it's not on here because they did not produce much snow downtown, only about six inches. but it did produce 13 inches out towards dulles with the big storm. temperatures, 37 in gaithersburg. 38 in martinsburg and 35 in hagerstown. colder air is moving in. the rain will turn to sleet around midnight. erica come on back. >> all right as topper and i have been telling you, it's a significant winter storm. it is approaching on satellite and radar and these snowfall accumulations will begin just barely after midnight. this is 4:00 a.m.
on future cast. snow is falling throughout the beltway and continuing through the morning hours, then tapering off to snow showers as we head through the afternoon. wintery mix tonight changing to snow. 18 to 28 for your overnight lows with gusty winds out of the north at 15 to 25 miles per hour. that snow could be heavy at times on monday. this is the time frame when we're getting the worse of it is on monday morning. temperatures only in the teens and 20s with winds out of the north at 15 to 20 miles an hour. in the afternoon temperatures are holding in the area. windy still, maybe a little bit of a partial clearing late and a red alert day here with the wintery mix with a high of 25 degrees, feeling colder than that throughout the day on tuesday. we're looking for a return of the sunshine, but it will remain cold with a high of only 32 and mid-30s on wednesday. in the first alert seven-day forecast, topper and i are tracking another possible storm at end of the workweek, so keep your eyes open for that once we get through with shoveling out
this one. >> all right, we just heard from omb. the federal government closed tomorrow. that should help keep all the vehicles off the roads. the local government will follow suit as we'll have mo
a couple of weeks ago their heart signs looked like beep, beep, beep. keep the priest out of the hospital room. that body is alive and kicking looking for their fifth straight win today against the flyers. we'll get back to him in just a second, but how about right now with quite a day? here is a blast by steve mason, just the third goal of the year to put them up 1-nil. here is bad dimitri as you cannot do that in hockey. you're down a man for five
minutes. it's not good. hoping to make it 4-3 and back to even strength as they are still down. they put it in front of the net, deflected on in to tie it and then two minutes in the overtime area. he says that this thing, it's done. flyers they win it 5-4. >> we started the period short, fine, we get into the withthem. you know a five-minute board, obviously it's not what we wanted, you give them life and they tire themselves and then they score one on it and then you know they would figure out a way at the end. >> hey mark this is suppose to be the year i'm talking about and two, maryland's head possible coach, he came to college park known for his ability to excavate their talent near and far, a good recruiter that has not panned out though and this year has been painful with a lot of close calls and a lot of close
losses. and at clemson as nick faust has been doing this a lot. nicely done. back and forth game today. nick only had seven points. to overtime we go with 11 seconds to go. the michigan transfer ties it. we still got time. k.j. mcdaniels of clemson. big mac? no, small fries off the rim, they are pumped because we're going to double overtime. demarcus harrison's first three, first made three of the day. maryland loses a heartbreaker, 77-73. the battle of the george's. how about mason now? the bank is open on sunday as allen says i think so. mason up in this thing and then we had a lot of gw3s here and they all came from this player, putting g-mason up the creek.
down the stretch with a couple of them as gw holds on to win66-58. 87-48 over virginia tech for the women's game. 20 points, 12 boards after she had her jersey retired, finishing second all time in points and rebounds behind crystal langhorn. here is a good omen. no nat's starting pitcher has given up a run this spring. that's important. i know it's spring and i know these games don't really count, but starting pitching is where the nats are better than most and to see them hurling this well already, that's a positive sign. let's get out to the era today. matt williams undefeated. do you think that he will go 165-0 as a manager? i don't think so. wilson ramos showed up. he had a nice day with two hits on the day. doug fister won 14 games a year ago, two innings pitched.
first run by a starter all spring long. adam laroach, well the baseball bats, they come flying off of his bat. and it's the home run as they win 10-3. overall it's not a bad day. you know there are obviously some things we need to work on. still in their own zone and that we really need to go out there and work on those things. and that they need to stay down. that's the main key. that's kind of where we need to go out to next time. >> all right we're out time with the weather updates on the web and we will see here are two laptops.
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because work is a beautiful thing. captioning funded by cbs and ford >> kroft: tonight on "60 minutes presents," three stories about crime and punishment. that's the apartment? >> that corner on the third floor. >> kroft: the apartment belonged to boston mobster and longtime fugitive "whitey" bulger, then the most wanted man in america. bulger eluded the fbi for 14 years by hiding in plain site in santa monica, california. tonight, you'll hear from the agents who finally caught him, with some help from an alley cat and his girlfriend's breast implants. >> we just rushed him. >> kroft: you mean guns out? "fbi, don't move!" >> i asked him to identify himself and that didn't go over well. he asked me to "f"-ing identify myself. and i asked him, i said, "are you whitey bulger?" he said, "yes."